an immersive sleep and romance mod for Fallout 4 on PC

**Requires Fallout 4 v1.10.980 (2024)**

After a courtship all your romantic companion wants to do is snuggle. Nicer clothes and sweet-talking only takes you so far. The commonwealth is full of danger. Spend caps and suggest a safer place for intimacy. Perhaps some libations will help. Experience goes a long way, too. Sleep Intimate.

The goal of Sleep Intimate is to change game-play for more immersive, role-playing experience with sleep and romance using player’s imagination without dialogue changes. Watch your character sleep. Consider the original Lover’s Embrace like a snuggle-bonus. Become more intimate using intimacy skill, Sex Appeal. Successful intimacy attempt results in pre-bed animated scene earning a new bonus. By default intimate scenes are hugs and kisses using animations by TheRealRufgt and AVilas. For more scenes install supported animation packs.

Intimate Scenes may be disabled for a sleep-only overhaul or to use another romance mod in its place.

No naughty animations included in main file, but the R-X download contains naughty Supermutant body-replacement and male EVB bodies customized by Leito. Several adult mods and sex animation packs are supported. See Sleep Intimate X page for details. Keep in mind, this mod is about consensual intimate relations and sexual animations are optional.


Looking for the XB1 for Xbox, or XOXO for PC page?

Questions and feedback appreciated on Discord - DracoTorre Mods, or contact me on Nexusmods - Dracotorre.

Thanks, TheRealRufgt and AVilas, for custom animations. Pleaes consider supporting these animators. Find A.Vilas on Patreon.

Version 3

Hug, kiss, and romantic dance! - custom animations by AVilas (3) and TheRealRufgt (2).

At a chair you may choose embrace or kiss with better chance of success, or select dance for a romantic dance with your romanced partner.

Primary new features:

  • 3 new animations by AVilas! - hug, kiss, and romantic dance
  • seat Relax - choose embrace, kiss, or dance!
  • high endurance increases scene length
  • now disabled undress preference allows intimacy
  • supports C.H.A.K. Animations pack (no AAF)
  • supports BP70 Animations

for complete update history see change-log history page

v3.07 (2024 May 12)


Animation packs supported without needing AAF or F4SE. See Sleep Intiate X page on adding animation packs and recommended custom body files.

Source files on GitHub Dracotorre.

Requires Fallout 4 v1.10.980 (2024) - other languages may use Steam to get English then edit configuration files to choose language

FO4-VR: not supported - reportedly functional by using xEdit to change the form version

Sleep Intimate pages

Also see XOXO page for never-naughty Sleep Intimate.


If both characters carry sleep outfits, they may change into their sleep clothes for a bed scene. At a chair Relax to embrace or kiss for better chance of success, or freely dance (always succeeds) with your romanced partner.

Sit and Embrace demo from David Shrock on Vimeo.

also on YouTube


  • always exit bed before loading another save-game
  • to exit bed activate “Awaken” on same bed – if accidentally activate something else to exit then sneak/crouch to reset controls
  • if character fails to lie down on bed: sneak then make sure bed has enough space around it
  • first Rest or Quick Dress initializes Undress System removing all items – if using Quick Dress container remember to transfer your wedding ring or other jewelry back

Sleep Intimate alters bed activation, and optionally chairs, to add activator which may conflict with another mod changing furniture activation. To avoid conflict may temporarily disable Seat Scenes or stop Sleep Intimate using holotape.

Sleep Intimate requires Fallout 4 v1.10.162 (2019 November) or newer. If using another language with older version, use Steam to get English version then manually edit the configuration files to switch language.

required files

The following files are found within the above zip-archive under Downloads:

  • SleepIntimate.esp
  • SleepIntimate - Main.ba2
  • SleepIntimate - Textures.ba2
  • MCM/Config/SleepIntimate/config.json
  • MCM/Config/SleepIntimate/keybinds.json

sleep features

  • bed animation with situational undress, redress, and sleep clothes
  • auto-place backpack beside bed with compensation to prevent encumbrance penalty
  • gradually recover health in bed
  • chance for bed decoration such as flowers from your romantic companion
  • designed to work with Survival/Hardcore difficulty
  • optional Immersive Rest allows sleep interruption and resume recovery within 2 hours
  • go camping! Immersive Rest supports sleep up to 5 hours in sleeping bag
  • normal sleep activation always available for quick-sleep or quick-save

Want to share bed with companion? See Beds - sleep together and ownership for details.

romance features (may be disabled)

  • intimate scenes (default hugs and kisses plus your imagination) with optional support for adult animation packs (see adult page)
  • embrace, kiss, or dance at chairs (Seat Scenes) using Relax
  • choose Basic download to ignore naughty animations from installed mods
  • Sex Appeal, a skill based on intimate-experience and modifed by charisma, charisma perks, health
  • includes optional Intimate Destinations quest with reward bonus plus experience
  • Intimate Lovers Perk
  • Survival: chance for STD

outfits and storage features

  • activate Outfit Containers to quickly swap outfits - build in workshop
  • storage supports normal transfer plus swap activation
  • Bathrobe is sleep clothing and will auto-dress for bed if in inventory
  • buy new Bathrobe colors at vendors or optionally craft at chem station
  • buy camisole sleepwear (R-X only) or craft at chem station
  • mark any clothing item as sleep clothes using holotape


  • may disable romance game-play changes for a sleep-only overhaul - disable Intimate Scenes in holotape or MCM
  • choose Immersive Rest (default on Survival) or disable for Quick Sleep (see character in bed after sleep)
  • bed undress options: situational undress (default) or always-undress-all or no-undress
  • intimate scenes: hugs plus imagination or install adult sex animations
  • see Customization page for complete list


wake from short nap - outfit “Commonwealth Shorts” by Deserter X

quick start and tips

Download and install Sleep Intimate R Version 2. AAF support is optional and disabled by default. Before enabling the AAF scene-player, download optional file for AAF and using mod manager install additional files for each installed animation pack (see Sleep Intimate X page for more about packs). In holotape Intimate Settings, enable Intimate AAF-play.

Sleep Intimate begins after introduction and outside of Vault 111. A start greeting lets you know you may begin by resting on a bed. If using an alternate-start mod, use the settings holotape selection ‘Start Sleep Intimate’ to begin. Craft the holotape at a chemistry station.


how to rest

  • on bed activate ‘Sleep’ for normal sleep, or activate ‘Rest’ to undress and see your character in bed
  • activate ‘Awaken’ on bed (or MCM hotkey) to exit bed and dress, or with Immersive Rest wait until your character exits bed automatically
  • first Rest will initialize undress system and fully undress character no matter the situation
  • if ‘Rest’ not showing be sure not over-encumbered, not in power armor, weapon holstered, and outside Vault 111 - also check compatibility

sleep tips:

  • safe to save game with your character in bed, but exit bed before loading another save – load game from bed causes camera view to become stuck low
  • tell your companion to go to bed (command - inspect bed), or if Immersive Rest option enabled your companion may find a spare bed
  • build doghouse for Dogmeat to go to bed, or Dogmeat will sleep nearby on the floor

primary configurable options to consider

adjust preference in holotape (build at chem station):

  1. Not interested in sex? Disable Intimate Scenes for sleep-only mod
  2. custom camera lowers to bed height and returns to default height - may be disabled such as to use your INI custom camera or another mod
  3. choose Immersive Rest (default on Survival) with choice of constant-time or fast-time, or disable to access sleep menu then wake in bed
  4. Intimacy scene player supports two choices of Scene View: Orbit-or-Look-default and Orbit-or-Look-strict – -strict uses Look-view on furniture and Orbit-view only for standing animations
  5. add Orbit-view for beds with Orbit-or-Look-default by setting Go-to-Bed to prompt/disabled

You may consider Immersive Rest as hardcore sleeping, or as a nap-only rest. Recovery approximates Survival/Hardcore rules, but regain gradually over duration. Tired clock resets based on length of sleep. Disable Immersive Rest for sleep menu then awaken in bed. For details see Immersive Rest or Quick Sleep section below.

inspect your armors and customize gear for undress

After first rest to initialize undress system, check the holotape to confirm if these common armor items are recognized and identify as desired.

  • backpack / pouch - usually provides more carry capacity; not part of main outfit
  • mask, eyewear, and other accessories
  • overcoat / jacket - separate item worn over clothing
  • sleep clothing - a main outfit or underwear to sleep in

The holotape will inform you if Sleep Intimate recognizes currently equipped gear. Follow instructions to identify more armors. Select “mark” and then equip the item. If already equipped, remove and equip again. See undress system page for overview and instructions.


  • if no “Rest” bed activate check if in power armor, sneaking, weapon drawn, or in combat - may be incompatible bed – using a mod that changes bed activation? – see compabitibility section
  • shakes during hug/kiss - choose flat surface away from obstacles; if still shakes too much, in Test Menu there is an experimental VR-Look-View mode limited to seats only
  • if companion’s hat remains on in bed, use Trade menu to remove hat and equip again
  • if some armor not removing as desired, see holotape to start Undress Check (see Undress System) and manually remove additional items to mark
  • can’t access Pip-boy in bed: trying to sleep, remember?
  • if no intimacy prompt make sure your companion is standing nearby, and not sitting, smoking, or using a workstation – adult female-female scenes require extra gear
  • character failed to lie down and lost Pip-boy access – sneak button resets then make sure bed has enough space on one side

When placing beds make sure there is enough space on at least one side of the bed (entire length) for your character. For beds supporting side-sleep (2-person mattress) best to leave space on both sides of the bed. The mattress shown below best with space on both sides, but a wall blocks one side and a post blocks a portion of the other side. If character fails to lie down then use the sneak button to cancel.


Bed access blocked

settings suggestions by goal or other mods

sleep-only experience

  • disable Intimate Scenes
  • enable Immersive Rest and choose constant-time, fast-time, or fast-wait-time
  • recommend keeping Undress at Situational, but also consider always-remove-all

using another romance mod

  • disable Intimate Scenes

using a mod that performs actions on sleep (stop or start)

  • enable Immersive Rest - at bed-time, choose activator for desired outcome:
  • activate Rest for immersive sleep
  • activate Sleep for other mod

just want to activate bed and watch sex animations–the skill is wrong!

  • disable Intimate Scenes and use another mod to play animations

Sleep Intimate is intended for fantasy role-play for consensual romantic encounters using skills and following game rules. Explicitly commanding a companion to perform an action (NPCs have a say, and events may prevent an action) does not fit this goal. Since the mod allows many ways to boost Sex Appeal, and Sex Appeal improves steadily, it will not take long until sex happens very frequently.

recommended mods

  • C.H.A.K Animations Pack” by AVilas for cuddles and more kisses (AAF not required)
  • Barefoot Footsteps” by GrozaTerroristow - because bare feet shouldn’t clomp like boots
  • Seasons Holidays Reminder” - to remind you an intimate bonus available on holidays
  • SnapBeds” by ferret
  • You Talk to Much” by AKcelsior - reduces frequency of NPC conversation start; choose 50% or lower chance to help reduce sleep or sex scene interruptions


The blue tarp shelter is not compatible with sleep, hugging, or other animations! I’ve marked them as no-sleep areas, but mods may include more tarps or alter them. If attempting to rest and instead your character stands on the bed with lost access to Pip-boy, try sneaking. The sneak button is intended to be a fail-safe in such events.


armor and clothing mods

All armors work with undress system since you may use the holotape to identify items. Armor pieces using extended slots may need to be added to Extras list. To make things easier, Sleep Intimate detects a number of popular armor and clothing mods. See the customize page for a complete list of armors and clothing recognized by Sleep Intimate. I’ve tested undress system on a number of armor mods to ensure good behavior, but there could always be an armor mod doing something unexpected. Let me know, and I’ll look into it.

For unrecognized armor mods you may wish to mark gear appropriately as sleep clothing, overcoats, or backpacks. See Sleep Intimate Undress System page on how to test your outfit and identify gear.

armor body slots ignored by undress system (except first undress) - perfect for jewelry

  • 47 (eye) - eye-glasses removal handled by list
  • 48 (beard)
  • 49 (mouth) - mask removal handled by list; see holotape to add custom mask
  • 50 (neck)
  • 51 (ring)
  • 54
  • 59 (shield)

If jewelry uses extended armor body slots, 55-58 and 61/FX, these may be skipped by setting Undress Extended Slots to Never. When set to Situational, some clothing exceptions using these slots may remain on or be removed based on situation.

camping and sleep mods

Place sleeping bag on flat ground with standing space between other objects. Place lover’s sleeping bag nearby and instruct companion to sleep first unless using “Sleep Together” which handles companions.

Compatible camping:

  • Campsite” by Fadingsignal - Sleeping bags work best. For tents: on exit if character becomes stuck then pack up tent.
  • Conquest” by Chesko - Great for camping with workshop-style placement. Blue tarp marked as no-rest area.
  • Sleep Together Anywhere” a camping mod by Hoamaii - activate ‘Intimate’ to undress first; may use its custom sleep menu
  • SnapBeds” by ferret - on Immersive Rest romanced companion will use other side


lowered custom camera view - Conquest camping

Incompatible beds:

  • APC Transport sleeping bag - lack of space for animations; use normal sleep only

Not compatible unless disabled:

Sleep Intimate will auto-disable “See You Sleep” on startup. To switch back to “See You Sleep” first go to Sleep Intimate holotape Rest/Sleep Settings Menu and enable ‘Prefer See You Sleep’ then go to the “See You Sleep” settings holotape and enable animations. Switch back to Sleep Intimate by going to Sleep Intimate holotape Rest/Sleep Settings Menu and disable “Prefer See You Sleep.” The bed activators conflict so one mod must be disabled.

supported integration:

  • “Sleep or Save” by Loganbacca - recognized to use Sleep Intimate settings to toggle Rest/Save

For other mods that perform scenes or special events after sleep stop, enable Immersive Rest. Activate Sleep for other mod or activate Rest for Sleep Intimate.

F4SE mods

  • “FO4 High-heel System” (FO4HHS) - avoid assigning as intimate outfit, kiss may not align
  • “High-FPS Physics Fix” - LoadingScreenFPS also applies to undress-for-bed, recommend reasonable values like under 300
  • “Classic Holstered Weapons” - enable preference Sleep and Undress -> Undress Weapon (imperfect, companion may sometimes sleep with weapon visible)
  • “LooksMenu” - set Intimacy preference, BodyTalk2-morphs

companion mods

Custom companions using the game’s companion-romance system should be compatible. Heather Casdin’s and Wastelander Barb’s custom romance systems also supported. Consider the Intimate Lover Ring for companions without romance.

  • “Construct a Custom Companion” (PersonalGuard) by Karel2015
  • “Dual Survivors” - may get intimate from start with bonus chance
  • “Everyone’s Best Friend” or similar - this mod designed for having Dogmeat around, so Sleep Intimate includes warnings if he gets in the way of your scene or automatically send him to doghouse
  • Heather Casdin (v2 and original)” (and recommend “No More Granny Panties”) by LlamaRCA - her bag recognized, her bunker considered private area, and supports her in-love status as romantic companion (max only)
  • “Insane Ivy” - intimate bonus chance
  • “Nora Spouse” - may get intimate from start with bonus chance
  • “Wastelander Barb” by Netherworks - recognized and available for intimacy after obtaining her reward

needs mods and survival overhauls

  • “Advanced Needs 2” by Flashy(JoeR) - in sleep settings disable Immersive Rest for Quick Sleep so that normal game sleep triggers events for your needs mod

Pip-boy replacers

  • “Holoboy” - recognized by Sleep intimate
  • Pip-pad” by PimpCrew - Sleep Intimate recognizes to avoid removing

romance overhauls

  • “AAF Morning Sex with Lover” - only use Immersive Rest enabled – to get “Morning Sex” on bed activate, Sleep. For Sleep Intimate scenes activate Rest.
  • “Immersive Lover’s Embrace” (ILE:R) - disable Sleep Intimate - Intimate Scenes to use ILE:R for romance and Sleep Intimate for sleep

custom races

Most custom races limited to hug-and-kiss animations. Exceptions which may also be limited:

  • AnimeRace / NanaRace - limited to hug-and-kiss only due to mod restrictions
  • Amelia, Lupine, Vulpine - some scene restrictions and body clipping may occur
  • Synth races (like Valentine) - see advanced setting in Test Menu otherwise limited to hug-and-kiss

general compatibility

Sleep Intimate optionally supports “Settlement Menu Manager” (SMM) if installed. I do not recommend removing a plug-in mid-game, but I’ve included SMM compatibility for those interested in it.

Mods that add or change bed activation are incompatible except:

  • holstered weapons - for intimacy make sure companion has bed or set preference rest-always-prompt to avoid companion walking naked with holstered weapon]
  • Elzee’s “Dynamic Timescale and Chime” - recommend Immersive Rest (Fast-Time-Wait) OR disabled (Quick-Sleep)
  • “Furniture Owner” - use weapon marker then put away to Rest
  • MCG - to rent a bed crouch or draw weapon
  • “See You Sleep” – Sleep Intimate detects and disables
  • “Sleep or Save” – toggle Save/Rest in holotape Settings Menu, Save or Sleep

Dialogue overhauls and interior lighting overhauls sort after SleepIntimate:

  • “Player Comments and Head Tracking” and “Player Head Tracking” - should automatically disable on Rest, but if not use PCHT toggle

Alternate-start mods:

  • “Another Life” – Sleep Intimate should begin normally after character creation, but if not use holotape to Start Sleep Intimate
  • “Infinite Answer” “Start Me Up” and others – use holotape to Start Sleep Intimate

Incompatible or problematic

  • armor mannequins from some mods (DLC and “Functional Displays” mannequins okay) may count as potential voyeurs
  • mod that permenantly alters bed activation other than those listed above
  • “APC Transport” sleeping bag - area too small for animation, use normal Sleep
  • “Dave’s Poses” - face expressions break Rest and Relax – after using load old save
  • “Follower Revive System” - breaks intimate animations - may disable Intimate Scenes for sleep-only
  • “Horizon” - disable Sleep-Save-Allowed so Rest activator appears on beds (set Z_HorizonSettings_SleepSaveAllowed to 0) – Sleep Intimate will disable Health recovery in favor of Horizon’s system
  • “Place Anywhere” (Everywhere) when finished placing, disable Options Menu so that ‘Rest’ will show on bed
  • “Shezrie Fenway Apartment” bed - use normal Sleep activator only
  • “Transfer Settlement Blueprints” - if Rest states bed at ‘unsafe height’ try reposition bed
  • “Workshop Plus” by kinggath - disable Workshop Item Activation before Rest; or use Intimate Private Bed or “This is MY Bed” mod

Sleep Intimate is designed to work smoothly with the existing sleep system and Survival/Hardcore including auto-save on sleep. All DLCs are supported. The only override is a Good Neighbor dialogue quest to add an additional scene. If another mod should overwrite same quest, sort plugins according to which mod you prefer. Sleep Intimate recognizes a selection of mods to enhance the experience. Also see the Performance and Safety section below.

Sleep Intimate recognizes several mods to enhance experience. See the Customize page for a list.


sleep clothing from “Lacy Underwear” by ousnius, backpack by fadingsignal

settings holotape

You may craft holotape “[Settings] Sleep Intimate” at the Chem Station to customize your experience or assign mod armors.

  • identify armors to assign backpacks, sleep clothes, masks, or accessories
  • disable intimate scenes for a sleep-only experience
  • disable intimacy prompt for automated mode
  • enable extra (non-romance) companions for intimate scenes
  • and more

For details about preferences and other customizations, see Sleep Intimate Custom page

Sleep style: Immersive Rest or Quick-Sleep

I call this ‘Immersive Rest’ due to gradually recovering health with chance for interrupted sleep as activity continues around your character. Instead of well-rested or Lover’s Embrace, full sleep in owned bed with companion sleeping nearby provides intimate-rest bonus improving endurance and Sex Appeal. Similar to other see-you-sleep mods, Sleep Intimate allows you to see your character sleep and awaken in bed with animated exit. Your character and romantic companion will auto-undress and change into sleep clothes if in inventory. Jewelry and optionally other accessories remain on. Recognized worn backpack will be placed beside the bed and your character granted encumbrance bonus.

Activate a bed with “Rest” option to begin. Exit the bed by activating Awaken on bed, or wait until your character gets out due to time limit or interruption. Pip-boy unavailable in bed.

The sleep menu without undress remains available by activating Sleep on bed for fast-sleep or quick-save.


Immersive Rest: watch character sleep and recover each game-hour

Sleep Intimate approximates Survival sleep recovery with 6 hours required for full recovery. Rest in sleeping bag for up to 5 hours, so happy camping! Companion and Dogmeat will look for a nearby bed. See the beds page for mor information on beds and sleeping together. A passing NPC may try to start a conversation. Choose a quiet place or consider a mod that reduces chance of conversation. In my testing NPCs rarely tried to talk unless sleeping bag placed on road or common walkways.

Choice of sleep rate:

  • constant-time: each game-hour is 3 real-time minutes (at default TimeScale) for full 6-hour sleep in 18 minutes
  • fast-time: 6-hour sleep in 10 minutes (adjusted TimeScale)
  • fast-wait-time: 5-minute full sleep (updates Hours Waited stat)
  • fast-wait-skip: after 1 game-hour fade-to-black and skips to final hour for just over 3-minute full sleep (updates Hours Waited stat)
  • disabled: see Quick-Sleep below

How does fast-time and fast-wait-time work? Fast-time increases game TimeScale and restores your TimeScale on exit bed. Fast-wait-time skips about 14 game-minutes 3 times per game-hour so each hour appears to pass faster. This time-skip will never jump over midnight to allow game to process day-change updates including your stats. On fast-wait your Hours Waited stat will be updated to record how much game-time was skipped. During fast-wait-skip fade-to-black, you may cancel sleep by activating bed Awaken.

rest with Survival/Hardcore:

  • hourly heal rate is half of normal
  • sleeping bag rest allowed up to 5 hours
  • no penalty for under 1 hour, but fatigue penalty for 1-hour rest (same rule)
  • fatigue begins recovering after 2 hours and pauses at ‘Tired’ until 5 hours (same 5-hour rule)
  • 6 hours required for full fatigue recovery (same duration rule), but in owned bed 7 hours sets fatigue timer a few hours longer
  • in owned bed sleeping together with romanced companion grants Intimate Rest perk instead of Lover’s Embrace
  • chance for disease, higher if rest between 1-4 hours (different chances from normal sleep)
  • after 2 or more hours may interrupt rest then resume sleep within 2 hours to continue same rest session with 1-hour extra cost
  • if without illness the tired timer resets according to hours slept - after full-sleep expect to become tired again after 14-16 hours
  • during rest may become tired - consider this normal

Quick-Sleep - Immersive Rest disabled

Character in bed after using sleep-hour menu for normal sleep. Companion stays out of bed, bug Dogmeat may locate a doghouse.

  • fade-out timed to allow normal auto-save screen capture
  • load from auto-save skips undress and bed animation to save time
  • normal sleep rules apply for Survival/Hardcore
  • supports mods that rely on normal game sleep-stop event

undress for bed

On first rest (or Quick Dress container) your character will remove all clothing to initialize the undress system. After that undressing depends on the situation including length of rest or season. Outside of safe areas your character may only remove outer armor. If your character fails to remove all desired items, see the holotape to add more to the list or test undress. Also see Sleep Intimate Undress System page for details on how to test your outfit and identify gear. The “Rest” selection may not appear if your character is sneaking, in combat, in power armor, or has a weapon drawn. Put your gun away!

Supported undress preferences: situation (default), always remove all, or never. Adjust in Sleep and Undress Settings Menu.


find alternate colored robes at vendors - backpack by fadingsignal not included

situational undress factors:

  • location - settlement, rental, wilderness, indoors…
  • length of rest (quick-sleep only)
  • colder months (November-March) - more clothing
  • hot months (July-August) - less clothing
  • if sleep clothes in inventory
  • stay naked after sex (Immersive Rest only)

sleep clothes compatibility

Purchase or craft bathrobe in several colors, or craft a camisole nightgown with colors available at armor bench. Sleep Intimate also supports several sleepwear mods, and any mod outfit may be identified as sleep outfit. Use the Settings holotape to add any outfit to the sleepwear list. When undressing for bed, sleep clothing found in inventory may be worn depending on the situation. Give your companion sleep clothing, too!

  • bathrobe - Sleep Intimate adds more colors to purchase at vendors or optionally craft at Chem Station
  • Camisole Nightgown and Camisole Split Nightie for CBBE and Fusion Girl (FG) - craft at chem station and change colors at armor bench
  • “Lacy Underwear” and “Sporty Underwear” by ousnius - bra-and-panty set and panty, but bra-only not included due to CBBE body shapes (outfit vs naked)
  • “El Men’s Underwear” by Yusei x Darnexx and Elza - men need underwear, too
  • “Sweatpants” by TBOS - for BodyTalk male
  • “DA Lingerie”

Camisole body support: at chem station, both styles of camisoles identified for CBBE or FG (Fusion Girl). You may hide or display by body style in MCM or holotape under Sleep Clothes preference setting, display clothes for body. These outfits include bare hands in order to allow switching body styles, so on equip outfit gloves will be removed. With CBBE body and ZeX Skeleton installed, you may choose either CBBE or FG outfit. For Camisole Split Nightie FG, which is bottomless, recommend a body texture compatible with Fusion Girl (Fusion Girl textures are compatible with CBBE). A camisole equipped on a male character will appear as underwear with default body.

BodySlide slider sets included to build camisoles for your preset. Select outfit SI-Camisole-CBBE, SI-Camisole-FusionGirl, SI-CamiSplit-CBBE, or SI-CamiSplit-FusionGirl. The included Fusion Girl outfits built from my FusionGirl-SI-AthleticCurvy preset which is similar in shape to CBBE Curvy preset.

An intimate outfit, intended to be worn for intimacy or sleep, may be assigned using holotape. The Camisole Split Nightie is considered both an intimate outfit and sleep clothes, so will remain worn for intimate scenes. Intimate outfits may be worn for sleep, but only those assigned as sleep clothes will auto-equip for sleep. A nude suit, bottomless (top only) outfit, or sex outfit make good intimate outfits.

SiCamiSplitViolet 1200

camisole split nightie - original mesh and texture by jet4571

SiCamiPiper1 Sm

camisole nightgown - original mesh and texture by jet4571

bed encounters

Your character may awaken with bed decoration based on romance or addictions and what’s available within inventory (including companion’s inventory) and by chance. Flowers, buzz-bites, chems, or teddy bears may appear. Your character will automatically clean up these items on exiting the bed. Don’t get upset at the mod if you don’t like your character waking up snuggling a teddy bear - stop carrying that junk!

These items are purely decorative and cannot be picked up.

Outfit Storage

This furniture container enables you to manage and swap entire outfits. In workshop, choose from several designs found in Furniture - Sleep Intimate. Activate Quick Dress to swap outfits which stores currently equipped outfit, or transfer items normally using the default activation buttons. If the container is empty then swap undresses your character placing the items inside the container. Next Quick Dress will exchange items and dress your character from stored outfit.

Warning: remove quest item from mod (such as Utility Belt by jags78) before using Quick Dress!

Known issue: if an item in character inventory is the same as an item (different armor mod like color or weight) among outfit items removed from storage, it may equip the wrong item.


Intimacy and Sex Appeal skill

Without additional animation packs, an intimate scene is hugs and kisses plus your imagination. If you prefer sex animations, see the adult options page.

At first don’t expect to get lucky every night – more like twice a week. A failed attempt doesn’t necessarily mean rejected by lover. Perhaps a bad time or place, or not feeling well. Use your imagination. Gain experience and soon you’ll be getting intimate twice daily. The goal here is to make sex feel like a normal part of the world and add a skill for balanced game-play. Start by taking your companion somewhere relatively private like a rented room or home. As with other skill checks, it’s always possible to get lucky no matter how poor your skill. Also, the more days that pass without intimacy the higher your chances until about 2 game-weeks. Successful intimacy grants Intimate Lovers Perk.


prompt differs by situation and companion

How to get intimate:

Start a romantic relationship with a companion and have the companion nearby. Upon activating Rest on a bed, a prompt presents the current situation and asks if you’d like to attempt intimacy, rest, or cancel. Current Sex Appeal score and time since last intimate will be shown along with your character’s determination for the quality of the area. Failing persuasion too often reduces your chances. On successful persuasion, your character will announce celebration (“Yes!” or “Got it!”) and begin undressing as the scene fades out. On fail, your character goes straight to bed. After a scene ends your character may go to sleep if tired. The intimate prompt may be disabled for auto-attempt no sooner than 8 hours since last failed attempt.


  • companion should be standing nearby (unless wears lover’s ring) - command to come closer
  • at settlement build a double-bed or twin-beds and claim ownership to improve location score
  • after fail wait for 3-hour cool-down and consider seat Relax - Embrace to improve chance for next bed intimacy
  • fail-count reduces each full day or successful Relax - Embrace
  • each passing day without intimacy improves chance until about 2 weeks
  • Immersive Rest in owned double or twin-bed for 7+ hours grants perk with +20 Sex Appeal
  • seat Relax - Embrace grants perk with +16 Sex Appeal and reduces fail-count
  • romanced companions whom hate flirting with others also hate getting intimate with others
  • staying true to single companion greatly improves chance
  • avoid reload to try again (save-scum) – random number generator makes it likely to repeat same outcome

Prompt displays Sex Appeal score, days since intimacy, area-safety rating.

Sex Appeal: based intimate experience and modified by charisma and health, this score will gradually increase with intimate experience. Since health is a factor, Sex Appeal may become negative. Experience also improves safe-area determination and amount of comfort getting intimate around other persons. Staying true to one companion improves your sex appeal with that companion. Alcohol may improve appeal unless charisma is very high which instead hurts sex appeal. Addictions reduce appeal, because a chem-head is not sexy. The score may range between -150 and +240, and aim for Sex Appeal of 50 or better for reasonably good chance of success.

Intimacy rate expectations at settlement owned bed, rented bed, or private home:

  • under 50 Sex Appeal - 1 to 4 nights per week
  • 80 to 100 Sex Appeal - 5 or more times per week
  • 100 to 120 Sex Appeal - daily, a few times per day
  • 140+ Sex Appeal - multiple times per day

days since last intimacy: unless never, the prompt reminds you how long it’s been. Once a day is considered neutral so more often requires more experience and less frequent improves chance for success.

area-safety-and-romantic rating (safe-for-sex): based on experience, time of day, relative safety, weather, and number of NPCs nearby.

areas safest-to-least:

  • private area - Home Plate, Prydwen Quarters (more with mods)
  • owned / rented bed
  • fortified or semi-private areas - Sanctuary, Vault 81, Institute, The Castle, Covenant, Cambridge PD, some underground bunkers,…
  • settlements and towns including some raider-established forts
  • indoors
  • campsites from camping mods
  • everywhere else - the wilderness

holidays granting location bonus (best first):

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Christmas / eve
  • Halloween
  • New Year / eve
  • July 4th
  • Nuka-World anniversary
  • St Patrick’s Day
  • Boston Tea Party anniversary
  • Mr Pebble’s Day
  • RobCo Day
  • anniversary of day leaving Vault 111

factors determining chance: (3 categories plus romance level shown in prompt)

  • companion romance level (easiest first): has Intimate Ring equipped, romanced, flirting/idolizes, non-romance

1) Sex Appeal score based on intimate experience and adjusted by charisma and health

  • charisma: 6 considered neutral - low charisma lowers Sex Appeal and high charisma improves
  • character level to represent life experience
  • companion preferences (based on likes/dislikes or normal romance dialogue)
  • Lady Killer / Black Widow bonus gender restricted (supports gender-swapped perk mods)
  • intoxication adds or subtracts depending on charisma (boosts if charisma below 6)
  • wearing sleep clothes, or going naked adds small bonus
  • Survival: illness, exhaustion, and addictions reduce chance
  • non-survival: minor penalty to compensate for lower risk

2) time since last attempt or success

  • each passing day without intimacy improves chance until about 2 game-weeks then chance begins to fall again
  • after success reduced chance and gradually improves over time
  • fail temporary penalty of 4 hours and minor fail-count penalty removed over time or until success

3) area safety and romance rating

  • location safety (home, town, settlement, wilderness/ruins)
  • owned bed, double-bed (or twins), home
  • time of day and weather
  • season - winter penalty (Dec - Mar) or summer bonus (July - Aug)
  • number of nearby awake NPCs, children, sleeping NPCs, or other lovers
  • holiday bonus: major holidays plus some fun historical days
  • bonus for completing Intimate Destinations quest

other factors

  • Intimate Lover Ring equipped on companion improves chance
  • faithfulness and monogamy (improves after each success) - temporary penalty for switching partners
  • Immersive Sleep: full rest in owned bed with companion nearby adds Intimate Rested perk bonus
  • Hugs! Intimate Embrace perk bonus
  • party drugs: Jet, Day Tripper, alcohol with Party Boy/Girl perk
  • beginner bonus for first 3 encounters with fully-romanced companion, a bonus granted 8 hours after first fail, and another bonus after a month if still zero successes

Intimate rewards

All perks limited time, and failed intimacy attempts cancel some perks. Review in Pip-Boy Perks page.

  • Intimate Rested perk (+20 Sex Appeal, +1 Endurance) - Immersive Rested sleep with companion in double-bed or twins-bed for 7+ hours
  • Intimate Lovers perk (+1 Charisma, +15% heal rate) - get intimate
  • Intimate Embrace perk (+16 Sex Appeal, +1 Luck) - hug a romanced companion
  • Intimate Tour (+5% speech, improved intimacy location score)
  • Intimate Active Day (+2 Endurance) - 5 intimate encounters during same calendar day
  • Intimate Exhibitionist (+2 Charisma, +1 Luck) get intimate near a dozen NPCs

The final two, Atcive Day and Exhibitionist, are more challenging and intended for character with high Sex Appeal. Review your total Active Day and Exhibitionist counts in holotape, ‘What’s my Sex Appeal?’ selection in main menu.

other game changes

Sleep Intimate alters a base-game quest to include an intimate scene with a special someone. This minor edit should not conflict with any mods, but if another mod happens to edit the same quest then sort your plugins accordingly. Use FO4Edit to verify. A conflict here is perfectly okay.

The edited quest: DialogueGoodneighbor

optional NPCs for intimacy

Extra companions may be included for intimacy by enabling the setting in the holotape. Consider persuading these companions for intimacy a challenge. After maximum affinity and obtaining their perk then they become available as intimate companions. Even with a low Sex Appeal score it’s possible to succeed with these “just friends” companions, so players not interested in regular romance companions may instead choose one of these for challenge. The difficulty scales with Sex Appeal so they are possible for beginners and remain more challenging for experts with high Sex Appeal.

In the settings holotape, see Intimate Settings Menu and set Intimate Scenes (Extra NPCs Enabled). Alternatively, equip the Intimate Lover Ring on one of these companions to designate as lover.

  • Deacon
  • X6-88
  • Strong (only available for female player-character)
  • Longfellow
  • Ada as human (Ada2Human or similar mod required)

Depending on interpretation, some may consider sex with Strong not lore-friendly (in-game sources mention super mutants can’t procreate). Aiming for lore and balance, I’ve limited Strong to females only and by difficulty. Pursuing Strong uses a different sex-experience value than humans, so Sex Appeal with Strong will gradually increase independent from relationships with humans. Also, Strong does not hug, dance, or clap. Your female character dances for Strong unless you have optional adult content installed.

Intimate Destinations quest

Try love in these romantic and daring destinations. Discover historical locations, relaxing getaways, and romantic views! Check them all off your list to improve your intimate location awareness (a bonus). This quest begins after the first intimate scene and reveals the list of destinations. Hide this quest by disabling Intimate Scenes found in Intimate Settings Menu. Enable again to put it back into your quest log.

Some locations pose a challenge. Receive a persuasion bonus and experience points for completing the quest.


  • Atom Cats Garage
  • Beantown
  • Bunkerhill
  • Cambridge PD
  • Combat Zone
  • Corvega Plant
  • Covenant
  • Hotel Rexford
  • Hub City
  • Quincy
  • University Point
  • West Everate Estates
  • Wildwood Cemetary
  • Far Harbor Hotel
  • Nuka World Nuka-Town
  • Nuka World Mystery Mansion

Performance and Safety

Content restrictions on this version is not intended for distribution on or for Xbox One. There is different version (XB1 / XOXO) for Xbox and PC.

For Immersive Rest increased rate you get a choice of two methods: fast-time with adjusted TimeScale, or fast-wait-time which periodically sets the game clock several minutes ahead. Both methods should be mod-friendly, but if encountering odd behavior adjust the rate slower. I’ve chosen TimeScale 40, because it’s twice as fast as default and low enough to be safe. I delayed implementing requested faster rate until v1.55 due to concerns over breaking game features or other mods. To reduce risk, fast-wait-time never skips over midnight to let game handle day-change events and waits long enough between clock jumps to let clock catch up and timer events happen.

In order to bring hugs and kisses in version 2 to Xbox, I made a significant upgrade to the scene-animation player and undress system. A number of animators now create for an animation system (AAF) which relies on PC-only resources. Instead of altering animations, I felt it would be better to upgrade the mod. In the end both Xbox and PC players benefit from a more stable solution with improved mod compatibility.

Player-activated scripts; no background activity during normal play. In case of conflicts or other problems, the mod may be stopped using the holotape.

I spent the first few weeks development trying out different features and methods, and the result implementation could be considered robust and performance friendly. After play-testing for over 1000 hours (my main character spent 8 game-months earning high Sex Appeal) I’m quite confident the mod integrates well with Survival/Hardcore and the normal sleep system.

My goals:

  • no changes, or very few changes, to base game for compatibility with other mods
  • minimal performance impact on gameplay
  • Survival compatibility including auto-save on sleep
  • allow system to be shutdown and restarted
  • no F4SE dependency to support all players
  • VATS-safe: avoids the game-freeze bug

I resisted overriding at first, but made a single minor override to base game, because how can a romance overhaul not including every romance? The override is to DialogueGoodneighbor quest. If another mod happens to override then no big deal, sort the mods as desired. I thoroughly tested the Survival auto-save to ensure proper screen shot and safe reload. The issue here is the auto-save happens right before the character goes to bed, which is in the middle of scripted activity that would normally continue on load. On load, the bed scene is skipped so as not to become annoying. I also spent a good deal of effort analyzing performance to speed up my scripts as much as possible.

Since this mod only reacts to player activity (on bed or on storage) then there is no performance impact on other gameplay. All the script activity happens for bed scenes and outfit swapping containers. For improved undress performance, the mod watches for a few game events to quickly record data with no impact on the game. For example, on equip armor event, the undress system records the type of item (hat, eyewear, jacket, backpack, etc) which reduces seconds starting a bed scene. This is partly due to many armor items missing keywords, so the mod keeps track.

The mod includes a ‘Test Mode’ setting which I use for, well, testing. There isn’t much there for players, and I recommend keeping it disabled for improved performance.

I consider the stuck-black-load-screen issue reasonably solved in version 2. Moving player character too frequently increases chance for freezing during the load-screen, and moving the character into bed for sleep is an important part of the mod. The changes for intimate scenes reduce player-character movement to zero, or at most once to place in bed at end of scene. This is accomplished through positioning tricks, and using a character clone when situation calls for it. However, game bugs or some features of other mods that reduce game stability may still result in a game freeze. During four weeks of testing version 2 I never encountered a single freeze and was unable to reproduce the issue loading save-games where I had previously been able to reproduce the freeze on occasion.

To help avoid freeze during load-screen:

  • disable Intimacy Settings Go-to-Bed so it always prompts even if tired
  • leave Test Menu Scene View at default Orbit-or-Look
  • in settlements limit sleep to only when tired (avoid repeated in-and-out bed behavior)
  • limit usage of any other mods features that my reduce game stability before bed


  • scripts only run when player does something
  • mod may be disabled via holotape and restarted later
  • most features may be disabled for preference or mod compatibility
  • extensively tested and balanced for gameplay

known issues

  • CROSS armors by Niero: some combat armor pieces may not always remove for Relax Embrace or Sit – armor re-equip script timing issue
  • on occasion it may take longer to dress or undress - expected–game sometimes delays mod timers while game does its thing
  • during redress Pip-Boy is unavailable by design
  • on rare occasion during intimate scene your companion may try to pull out a weapon or walk - game bug: change location or dismiss and re-hire companion later
  • exit bed fail to redress or reset camera? crouch/sneak to redress – make sure to activate same bed


I have never played “See You Sleep” mod for TES V: Skyrim, but I have been aware of it for several years. I wanted more than seeing my character awaken in bed, and also much more concerning the boring romance system. Having never tried any sleep mods, I began working on this mod back in late 2017 with a build and test period lasting over ten months. Credit “See You Sleep” and “See You Sleep CW Edition” for their inspiration.

Some screen captures (also on Nexusmods) include content from other mods:


This mod is copyright 2018-2021 DracoTorre, David G Shrock.

Please do not distribute entire content, and instead refer others here. No part of this mod, including patches for this mod, may be used for commercial or donation-taking projects. As per Leito’s permissions, Leito’s content (includes body files used in main archive and idles in patch) not allowed on or to be used for donations.

You may create and distribute patches by requiring original plugin and assets. You may translate MCM and plugin files by patch, or providing plugin-replacement with translation, and without including entire assets. Patches should not circumvent restrictions, alter preferences player expects, or introduce content that would not comply with rules for distribution on


Gameplay and animations portrayed are consensual fictitious, fantasy role-play.

Fallout 4 is a trademark of Bethesda Softworks LLC. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners.