Sleep Intimate moves the camera to bring the view down closer to bed height for bed scenes then reverts to near default camera view afterward. If using INI-based custom camera settings then either disable Sleep Intimate custom camera or edit the default camera values to match the INI settings by using FO4Edit. The values changed are listed below with global name on left and corresponding INI name on right. Only these values are set by Sleep Intimate so any other edited values remain the same as set in your INI file.

Global name <-> INI name

  • DTSL_CamDef_MinCurZoom <-> fMinCurrentZoom
  • DTSL_CamDef_OverShoulderX <-> fOverShoulderPosX = 0.0
  • DTSL_CamDef_OverShoulderZ <-> fOverShoulderPosZ = 0.0
  • DTSL_CamDef_VanModeMax <-> fVanityModeMaxDist = 200.0
  • DTSL_CamDef_VanModeMin <-> fVanityModeMinDist = 32.0

The goal is to set the above global values to the matching setting in your INI file. Then when a scene ends Sleep Intimate restores your custom camera. Open FO4Edit with SleepIntimate.esp and expand Globals. Make sure to identify a global with ““CamDef”” and not the “CamCust” globals. On the right-pane at the bottom select Value row. Right-click and select edit to change the value.

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