David G Shrock

Author of software and fiction

I write software and stories; solve problems and create worlds. My areas of interest include AI, software automation, astronomy, and dark fantasy fiction. When not writing, I’m usually mountain biking or gaming—chess, RPGs, car racing simulators, American Truck Simulator. I also dabble a bit in photography (Instagram), art, and I’ve been modding games for a few decades.

My programming experience started as a child with BASIC on TI-94a and Apple IIe then on to self-taught C++. After graduating with a Computer Science degree in 2005, I worked as a software engineer at MotiveQuest where I designed the architecture to respectfully collect and manage public posts from web-forums, blogs, and social media for analysis. See my software projects portfolio for a taste.

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“Draco Torre” is the name of my fictional character from unpublished series of novels. The majority of my stories reside within the same world including Kandy Fangs. See “Writing for Torre”.

I started DracoTorre.com as a portfolio in 2005 then added a blog in 2009 using Wordpress. Currently this website is published using Jekyll and Octopress 3. The comment box is generally off, although I sometimes may open it via disqus temporarily for specific posts.

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