SI3 Hug3

Sleep Intimate, a sleep overhaul with romance features for Fallout 4, update version 3 comes with three animations provided by AVilas. Kiss, hug, and dance with a romanced companion! In addition, this update brings other requested features such as at a seat, Relax activation may now choose between embrace and kiss, or select dance for a romantic slow dance with fully romanced companion.

SIV3 Kiss2

For more cuddles and kisses in Sleep Intimate for PC, I recommend C.H.A.K. Animations pack by AVilas. Works with R or XOXO, and AAF not required. Simply install C.H.A.K and enjoy cuddles!

SI3 Dance

romantic dance by AVilas with Heather Casdin by llamaRCA, blue Vault 111 dress by DeserterX

version 3 highlights:

  • 3 new animations by AVilas! - hug, kiss, and romantic dance
  • seat Relax - choose embrace, kiss, or dance!
  • high endurance increases hug/kiss scene length
  • now disabled undress preference allows intimacy
  • (PC) supports C.H.A.K. Animations pack (AAF not required)

for complete update history see change-log history page

Please send kudos or thank-yous to animators, TheRealRufgt and AVilas, for help making Sleep Intimate… more intimate! Visit A.Vilas on Patreon.

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