Sleep Intimate for Fallout 4 update v2.84.1 provides new features and improvements. For download links see the Sleep Intimate XOXO/XB1 page or Sleep Intimate R page.

Thank you

This update primarily based on feature requests, feedback on mod compatibility, and other reports. Thanks to these players Sleep Intimate continues to improve. You may submit reports on Discord - DracoTorre Mods, Nexusmods - Dracotorre, or see About page for more contacts.



The v2.84 update patcher will identify romanced companions with improper scaling affected by old Kiss-Align and correct the companion’s scale. The number of affected companions will be reported during the update process. For any remaining companion not at correct height, set preference Intimacy -> Kiss Actor Align (Enabled-Default) then embrace the companion at a chair or bed which will reset the character’s scale to default (1).


Kiss-Align now compatible with custom-height companions

  • supports kissing animation
  • for R-X users, also supports most custom animations from animation packs when using built-in animation player

The old Kiss Actor Align introduced in v2.64 (May 2021) worked fine for companions at their default heights, but was incompatible with a companion having customized height or scale. Now Sleep Intimate adds compatibility for custom-height companions. If using a mod like “Height Variety” or have customized a companion’s height, improve animation alignment with Sleep Intimate preference in Intimacy Menu, Kiss Actor Align (Enabled-Default). This affects the kiss animation, and for R-X users many custom intimate animations. After scene ends companion height restored at default scale. Optionally to maintain customized scaling choose Kiss Actor Align (Enabled-Custom).

What went wrong with old Kiss-Align?

Due to a mistake I made a companion having a custom height (or scale) would shrink or grow. The kiss animation was designed for player-character (PC) of either gender kissing a female, and by default all companions of the same gender are the same height. So normally Kiss-Align only made an adjustment when PC kissing a male companion. The only scale-related game bug I’m aware of scales a female companion up to same height as male, which old Kiss-Align corrected. Recently when a player reported a female companion appearing too short I took a closer look and noticed my mistake.

Now if a male or female becomes scaled up or down due to bug or intentionally, Kiss-Align can restore default scale maintaining customized height.

custom-height VS custom-scale: Change the height of an NPC by plugin-patch-override of the height values. Scaling multiplies the height.

Scale * height-value * base-height = apparent-size, where base-height is 1.0 for male and 0.98 for female, Scale is 1.0 by default, and height-value is 1.0 by default.

Footwear Menu

Intended for custom shoes, stockings, and socks, footwear preferences allow more customization to undress for sleep or intimacy. Go ahead, wear your socks to bed! Recognized mods include “Comfy Socks” and “K-Girl Shoes Remastered”. Identify other custom footwear by using the feature, Mark then equip. During undress the shoes or socks will be removed then according to chosen preference re-equipped at end of undress.

Undress preferences:

  • Always
  • Bed only
  • Rarely

other changes

  • reduced repeated hugs at bed for more kissing
  • Fix Nick Valentine (romance) skipping embrace animation at bed and not working at motorcycle
  • recognizes more outfits worn by romanced companions for sleep undress (Preston Garvey, Heather Casdin)
  • recognizes “Star Trek TOS” outfit by DeserterX tricorder for undress
  • Fix undress under-armor top (slot 36) without a bottom failing to remove for sleep

More animations and more fixes. For the full list see XOXO/XB1-change-log or the R-change-log.