Since trying out the rFactor 2 car paint editor, I decided to form a team with cars in different classes. For consistency all cars now share the same color set. I changed the number placards so background color represents car class as denoted by the position lights of the official Studio 397 GT3 and endurance packs: green for GT3/GTD, red for GTE/GTLM, purple for LMP3, and blue for LMP2. I also stripped the sponsor decals so only my websites, products, and creations appear on the cars. Sponsors may have display guidelines or other restrictions on use of their logos. Adding to my Callaway Corvette C7 in GT3 class, I chose Porsche 991 RSR for GTE/GTLM, and Norma M30 for LMP3.


Unsatisfied with my initial design for the Callaway, I made some changes keeping true to Kandy Fangs. The door changed to black with the character drawing replaces the moon, and more black in front for a smoother appearance. I also edited the window replacing white ‘Callaway’ with in red.


I chose the 991 RSR, because it’s fun to drive. As it turns out it is also a joy to paint with such a smooth, flowing appearance. I borrowed the Porsche 991 RSR #912 color pattern having dark front with swooping curve over the doors, but without the stripe. The image below shows the car at VIR created by Reiza for rFactor 2.