Adds a werewolf transformation time meter to Skyrim Special Edition.

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The meter shows how much time is left until transforming back. This meter borrows the blue magicka bar with stored magicka level and restores magicka bar when finished. Designed for all-night lunar transformations from “Moonlight Tales Special Edition” (or “Moonlight Tales Essentials”) by Brevi and works for normal transformations with feeding. On contracting lycanthropy through companion’s quest, if meter disabled it will auto-enable. On PC, override this auto-enable using console command: set DTWW_Enabled to -1.

Script activity limited to transformed beast when enabled; no continuously running scripts. The meter starts and stops based on beast transformation events.

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Install only one of the following:

The difference between the first two choices is the default preference when starting out with the time meter or on new game. You may change preference anytime using the in-game toggle spell. See the Werewolf Meter Toggle below. The first choice, keep armor, starts the game with preference to keep armor equipped. The remove armor* choice starts the game default on removing armor for transformation like original Skyrim.

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Install two files into your game’s Data folder and activate. Backup your save game if you wish to remove the plugin later.


For best results de-activate and remove DTWerewolfMeter files then load a backup save from before installation. Alternatively, disable using the Power spell in human form to continue playing without any activity. Removing the mod with save during werewolf beast form will break magicka regeneration.

Power: Werewolf Meter Toggle

A toggle power spell, Werewolf Meter Toggle, allows 3 (or 4) modes:

  • Disabled ………………………. magicka bar untouched
  • Enabled keep equipment ………. updates magicka bar only
  • Enabled remove equipment (0 or 1) updates magicka bar and at transformation-end removes equipment like old Skyrim
  • Enabled remove equipment (2) …… no scale for “Growl”

The toggle spell is available during the first two minutes after game load then removes itself to keep the spell list clean.

Starting Preference (v2.26 ESP-only)

Use SSEedit to change the starting preference. Edit global-value, DTWW_InitialPrefVal (xx0394EC), to set preference as follows:

  • -1 = let mod choose (same as 1)
  • 0 = disabled
  • 1 = enabled, keep armor worn
  • 2 = enabled, remove armor
  • 3 = no Growl scaling, remove armor


Supports “Moonlight Tales Special Edition” by Brevi (spwned) including the all-night lunar transformation. Also supports the older “Moonlight Tales Essentials” mod. “Werewolf Time Meter” makes no alterations to existing quests or spells for compatibility with most mods.


note on “Growl”: in beast form, “Growl” scales magicka down which causes issues with meter accuracy, so the meter scales to compensate


  • “GuruSR’s Werewolf Transformation Meter” - duplicates funtionality

May not be compatible with mods that:

  • display or update magicka during werewolf beast form
  • spell-casting werewolf
  • magicka overhauls that significantly alter magicka regeneration (since 2017 none have been reported)


Screenshot shows werewolf Altmer skin by KrittaKitty from “Moonlight Tales.”

Known Issues

  • optional remove equipment: sometimes equipment may briefly be visible due to game event coming after transformation finished
  • spell absorb may briefly cause magicka bar to increase - the mod reacts to this hit event to correct bar, but for peformance limits freqency and to atronach perk/ability (stone or restoration)


Since the magicka bar isn’t used in beast form, why not use it as a countdown timer? Without SkyUI this seems like a simple hack.

Five seconds after transformation to beast, the mod stores current magicka level and borrows the magicka bar by setting a spell-effect on the character to stop magicka regeneration keeping the timer from refilling. It also saves the time of transformation to calculate how much bar to fill. During beast form, the mod calculates level from the time until beast form ends in variable, PlayerWerewolfShiftBackTime, which may have changed due to character extending the bloodlust period. In the case of MTSE lunar transformation, end-time set to morning instead. During beast form, the mod infrequently (3 to 5 seconds) re-calculates percentage of bar-filled and adjusts magicka level. On hit with spell absorbption, the bar re-adjusts limited by frequency and only if character has atronach stone or restoration perk.

Upon transforming back, remove the spell-effect so magicka regeneration resumes and refills the magicka bar to stored value.

“Moonlight Tales” all-night transformations sets a specific time of day to transform back and sets PlayerWerewolfShiftBackTime to a very large value (999 days). If the mod sees this, then assumes all-night transformation ending at sunrise (5am or 6am for MTSE or MTE respectively). This means the mod handles a lunar all-night event starting when already in beast transformation.

About the scripts

The two scripts (4 files) are lightweight. Use the toggle spell which calls the magic-effect script, DTWerewolfWatchToggle, to enable or disable the main script, DTWerewolfWatch. A small script attached to the player-alias, DTWWPlayerAliasScript, handles game events like on-game-load and on-race-change then calls functions in the main script, DTWerewolfWatch, to handle.

The main monitoring script, DTWerewolfWatch, does nothing when player-character in human form other than handle notification messages when toggle spell used. Once the player-alias script catches the game event, on-race-change, if enabled it stores current magicka level, adds the spell-effect to prevent magicka regeneration, and begins updating the magicka bar every 3-5 seconds. On end-transformation, spell effect removed, magicka restored, and no further script activity until another game event occurs.

Detecting all-night transformation on mods by Brevi requires an extra step. The “Moonlight Tales” mods set PlayerWerewolfShiftBackTime to a very large value (999 days) and instead calls an update to transform back at a specific hour of day. DTWerewolfWatch script calculates by assuming the revert time is 5am or 6am depending on number of werewolf perks where MTSE adds more perks with 5am end-time.

The source scripts are available on GitHub. See my overview with script examples in “Werewolf Meter Papyrus Script Overview” article.


Thanks to candyman457 and spwned on Nexus for the idea.


Please do not repost without permission.

Download on Werewolf Time Meter on Nexusmods where you may also leave feedback, or download from for PC and Xbox One

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