Heavy-Haul Trailers Adjustments update v2.0 for American Truck Simulator version 1.48. Heavy-haul route maps also updated.

  • Heavy Cargo DLC now optional due to package format change introduced in game version 1.48
  • this updtate requires game version 1.48!

For those using game version 1.47, the prior Heavy-Haul Trailers version (requires Heavy Cargo DLC) is still available. Get the file and review my guide at Heavy-Haul Trailers page. To update, download the new file and overwrite the old in your mods folder.

The western map updated to include length limits on two-lane highways in Oregon (110 feet) and Washington (105 feet) over which requires pilot vehicle. When using a triple lowboy (jeep and booster), consider most day cabs should meet 110-foot limit.

The central region map updated to include more highways in Texas added with game version 1.48.