August - October

  • cycle: 195 miles (314 km)
  • run: 155 miles (250 km)


My first ride on Jacob’s Ladder trail, and I saw this rock, so I stopped for a photograph. The day started cloudy, but a break made for an interesting picture. I took Peak View trail up and rode Jacob’s Ladder down which is the direction I recommend. Peak View makes for a nicer climb, and Jacob’s is fun riding down.


When trail riding I feel naked with a half-shell helmet. Helmets for downhill rarely include vents making cross-country riding less comfortable. This vented Fox helmet is rated for downhill events and happens to work well for rugged cross-country riding. My head tends to heat up, and I perspire more than average, so a good helmet that won’t cause overheating is a must. During hot summer days, wearing the helmet was no bother as long as I kept moving even when climbing steep trails. Good airflow, good visibility, and face protection. As a bonus, keeps the wind away from my ears in cold weather.