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iPhone 6 Cycle and Run Tracking Woes

The iPhone 6 does pretty well counting steps and tracking walk or run. Checking the Health app shows number of steps and distances without the aid of a third-party app. Cycling, however, is missing and instead shows as steps and walking + running distance. Any cycling data added creates duplicate data for the same time frame. As of iOS 8.1.2, cycling is not recorded in Health without input from the user or a third-party app. If you’d like to keep track of total steps for the day and you bicycle frequently, you’re out of luck until a fix comes our way.

Dee Count 2.1 Update

Dee Count 2.1 adds QR code generation for location title for sharing or printing. The image includes guides to help with sizing for print. Guides printed at full width of 4x6-inch paper produces an acceptable code size, or go smaller. Print and paste to your location for scanning using the Dee Count location search option.



Novel Writing Progress

Following up on my November Projects, I’m happy to report I made progress on my novel reaching the midpoint of the story. I don’t normally pay attention to my word counts, but since November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) with a goal of writing 50,000 words towards a novel, I’ll share my numbers. I had started writing my Draco Torre novel on November 1st on my iPad, and reached around 30,000 words by mid-month. After that I worked primarily on other projects. I also wrote more episodes for Kandy Fangs to be posted in December.

  • Draco Torre novel (part 1): 41160 words (about half)
  • Kandy Fangs: Venom: 2074 words

Keep in mind I tend to cut out substantial number of words during editing, so final published word counts for the same story material will be smaller. For writing on my iPad, I use a wireless keyboard so I can type comfortably at full speed.


This novel is actually a restart I originally began writing a decade ago. I’ve restarted once before several years ago, and after more thought, I’ve decided on the perspective. In a previous draft, I switched perspectives between the main characters in third-person. After reading the draft several times, I realized this story works better with limited perspective of a single character. Since this is my third restart, and I know this story better than my life, I’ve made good progress. I’ll keep at it, and perhaps I’ll finish the draft for this first part within the next few months.

In November of 2012, I went ahead with part 2 (book 2) before tackling the part 1 rewrite. Looking at my draft recently, I realized I nearly completed it at 92,000 words. It’s possible I’ll have both parts finished in the near future as one book or two.

Dee Count Discount


December Dee Count Discount: 60% off until end of 2014.

Divide your area into locations, such as a shelf or wall rack, and count inventory with your iPad or iPhone by scanning bar codes with the device’s camera or a wireless bar code scanner. View total counts or totals by category. Requires iOS 8+. See the Dee Count page for more details and tips.

Reading and Discussing

Jeff Atwood of stackoverflow.com (a forum for engineers posting questions and answers) shares his ideas on encouraging more reading instead of pushing for conversations in a thoughtful post, “Because Reading is Fundamental” on his blog. His observation is that many blog comments reveal ignorance of the post or wander off-topic. Too many blogs and forums encourage high post counts or push conversations.

I find that the value of conversations has little to do with how much people are talking. I find that too much talking has a negative effect on conversations. Nobody has time to listen to the resulting massive stream of conversation, they end up just waiting for their turn to pile on and talk, too. The best conversations are with people who spend most of their time listening.