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iMac External Startup Drive

My late 2009 iMac began showing signs of hard drive (HD) failure including applications loading slower, media reading errors, and increasing number of pinwheels (beachballs) showing up. I had already replaced this iMac with a newer Mac for work, and the 5 year-old iMac had been delegated as a media server and second monitor for my gaming PC. One of the reasons I chose the iMac was for its extended life as a high-quality 27-inch monitor using DisplayPort. This target display mode feature requires a running OS which meant I needed a working drive booting OS X.

The big drawback of an all-in-one is the increased difficulty in replacing the internal HD. Opening the iMac and replacing the HD with an SSD is an option, but I didn’t want to spend resources on an already replaced 5 year-old PC. Instead, I used what I had available: an external 2 TB Western Digital My Passport Studio FireWire drive to boot OS X.

iPhone 6 Cycle and Run Tracking Woes

The iPhone 6 does pretty well counting steps and tracking walk or run. Checking the Health app shows number of steps and distances without the aid of a third-party app. Cycling, however, is missing and instead shows as steps and walking + running distance. Any cycling data added creates duplicate data for the same time frame. As of iOS 8.1.2, cycling is not recorded in Health without input from the user or a third-party app. If you’d like to keep track of total steps for the day and you bicycle frequently, you’re out of luck until a fix comes our way.

Dee Count 2.1 Update

Dee Count 2.1 adds QR code generation for location title for sharing or printing. The image includes guides to help with sizing for print. Guides printed at full width of 4x6-inch paper produces an acceptable code size, or go smaller. Print and paste to your location for scanning using the Dee Count location search option.