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Dee Count 2.0 Update

DCountProduct 301x266

Inventory counting software, Dee Count, updated to version 2.0 to include iPhone compatibility and new features. This redesign requires iOS 8 or later which means no more support for the original iPad. (Sorry.) Now you may categorize items and review totals by category. Each location may have a default category which sets uncategorized items to its category, automatically. Scanning with camera has been improved with preference options for tap-to-count or automatically. Dee Count makes it easier to manage your data including options to reset counts to create comparison quantities for a second trial, delete all items, or clear everything and start over. Importing item details and comparison counts is also easier and more informative. An Undo button reverses count activity of a location including accidental deletes.

If you’re new to Dee Count, check out the quick preview video or review the Dee Count page for more details.

MainLandscape 740x555

Dee Count 2 Video

This one-minute video shows Dee Count 2, inventory counting app, in action to give you a general feel for the software in motion. Key features covered include: starting a new location, counting products by scanning bar codes, incrementing a count, reviewing total counts, and looking at item details. Note that the bar code scanning by camera uses the optional auto-count mode preference instead of the default tap-to-count. Secondary features going by rather quickly: photo zoom, setting a default category for items added to location, scanning QR code to insert location name, and reviewing total counts by category. Notice that I show the item details for the Dark Chocolate to show it already had a category of Candy and didn’t obtain the default category of Office Supplies.

"Scan Clip"

The above clip from the video shows scanning a bar code with the camera to add a count to the location with default category, Office Supplies. In the video clip below, we see the total items in the Office Supplies category only showing two of the three items counted.


Reviewing the item details of 00931847, Dark Chocolate, reveals it’s already in the Candy category. Dee Count doesn’t overwrite an existing category unless you tell it to. Some shelves or closets may contain items in multiple categories.

Learn more about counting inventory with Dee Count.

Dee Count 2 Peek


Dee Count 2 is a redesign supporting iPhone in addition to iPad. New features will include item categorization, scanning location QR codes, exporting counts for a selected location, and more.

Draco RegexTest Intro

I started a new open source developer tool, Draco RegexTest, for creating, testing and organizing regular expressions. This tool is aimed at developers or content scrapers doing regular work with regular expressions. It includes productivity features such as storing expressions, removing or inserting escaped characters, auto-escape and auto-insert common sequences. Draco RegexTest is currently in working condition for MS Windows desktop, but my to-do list still has much to cover. Find the source on GitHub at github.com/Dracotorre/Draco_RegexTest_Windows/.

At previous employment, I spent two or more hours each day (sometimes all-day) crafting or updating regular expressions. Having to copy-paste expressions or source text into a test form ate up considerable time and energy, so naturally I built software to help automate the process specifically for the job, including automated background testing of a set of expressions against multiple source texts. These days I don’t create nearly as many regular expressions, but being able to conveniently store and re-use expressions comes in handy. Taking what I learned, I decided to create a generalized regular expression tool with productivity in mind.

"Draco RegexTest screenshot"

Sandy Ridge Bike Ride

"Near top of Sandy Ridge"

For my second trail ride of the month, and the year, I took to the Sandy Ridge trail system located between Sandy and Zig Zag, Oregon near the Bull Run watershed. After nearly a year of being off the bike due to health issues, I’m getting back into shape by riding as often as my body allows. The trails in Sandy Ridge are a bit rugged, so my 17-mile ride feels about right. Some of the hand-built trails include whoop-dee-doos, jumps, and bank swoops. I took an expert trail down some technical switchbacks revealing my skills still intact. I may need to return to take some video clips of some of the more interesting terrain.

"bridge over creek"

The map at the trailhead and sings posted along the trails indicate preference to ride the forest road up the ridge and choose a trail back down. This serves a traffic purpose during busy days, and also highly recommended since many trails are quite steep. The service road is pleasant, too, and gated limited traffic to service vehicles.

"service road"

"ridge top road"

At the top, several signs warn riders when entering the expert riding area with trails titled, “Rock Drop” and “Communication Breakdown.” I took “Communication Breakdown” which includes a very rocky section and a series of tight switchbacks down to “Two Turntables” and “Hide-and-Seek” trails, which include zippy bank swoops and jumps.


"Two Turntables"