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David G Shrock lives in the Pacific Northwest where he works as a software developer and writes science-fantasy fiction. Writing code, writing fiction, always writing even when riding his bike. Current projects include a Draco Torre novel and Kandy Fangs serial.

Dee Count: Search

Dee Count for iPad counts inventory and helps find where each item was counted at. This brief example shows how to setup for counting, find all locations a specific product was counted at, and export count totals including locations.

Example: Stock Room With Numbered Bins

Let’s say we have a large stock room, or warehouse, organized by bins with each bin marked and organized by numbers. We have bins 101-104 in one area, and bins 201-205 in another. Each bin contains several products, such as toothpaste and bandages, where some products may be in several different bins.

We could name our first location, 101, but later we may decide to add a shelf or pallet. Let’s call our first bin, Bin 101.

Dee Count begins with one location called, “New Location.” Change the name to Bin 101 by tapping the Edit button, clearing out the old name, entering our new name, and tapping Done. (We could also take a photo of our bin, but all our bins look the same.) To add another bin, tap the plus (+) button and enter the name.

Count Items by Bar Code Using Camera

To count products in the bin, we may add manually, use a bluetooth bar code scanner, or scan bar codes using the iPad camera. We’ll scan using the camera.

Tap the Scan Bar Codes to open the camera view. This view will stay open until dismissing it so we can count quickly. To prevent accidental counts, the scan view will indicate a recognized bar code with a blue box and tap the view to add the indicated code. Tap in each bar code. When finished with this bin, tap outside of the camera window to dismiss the camera view.

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9A2Z Update

One week into April, and still going. My A-to-Z Challenge is over at my Kandy Fangs blog, and actually my character, Nine Thyme, is blogging about her family funeral home for 9A2Z series.

As a side challenge, I’m attempting to write some posts in under 6 minutes. This also helps keep the posts short, usually under 200 words, for quick reading by A-to-Z visitors. So far, I’m about 50%, not counting the drawing-only post for C, “Casket VS Coffin.”

For more details, see my earlier post, “My April Writing Challenges.

Inverse Mouse Scroll in Windows

The scroll wheel in MS Windows has always felt peculiar. For those accustomed to the “natural” scroll direction in OS X, might feel agitated in Windows. Scrolling with a finger should be like sliding the page up and down since it isn’t required to hold the mouse arrow above the slider bar.

Push the page around.

The mouse wheel might even feel like a flight stick for some: push forward for down and pull back for up. Sadly, the default direction in Windows is reversed, and there isn’t an option to reverse (inverse) the direction unless the mouse manufacturer supplies one with their driver.

After inverting the scroll direction in Windows 8, I don’t need to spend a moment trying to figure out where the page went or concentrate on moving the scrollbar as opposed to the page. Note that Windows within a virtual machine on OS X may already support the same scroll direction.

How-to flip mouse scroll using regedit

This is a popular enough request that a web search should put the answer very near the top of the list. Here is a well written solution using the registry to flip scroll direction found on Superuser.

If you have never edited your Windows registry, or feel uncomfortable, then a better solution may be to find a mouse driver that supports scroll direction options. More than one mouse may be listed in the registry. Feel free to skip identifying your current mouse by changing them all. Use Powershell with administrator access to start regedit. Search for “FlipFlopWheel” which should be under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet. Change the FlipFlopWheel value from 0 to 1. After editing all, close regedit and restart your mouse (disconnect and reconnect).

That should do it. Your scroll direction feels natural like pushing a page with your finger.


My April Writing Challenges

During April, I will attempt two writing exercises, one for fiction and one for software. The primary goal is to improve my skills. Until something more important comes up, I will continue to work at these challenges.

Challenge 1: 9A2Z Fiction

Update:  “Alpha” is up for 9A2Z series, April 1

A combination of two existing writer’s challenges, I take inspiration from Blogging from A-to-Z Challenge and Six Minute Story.

Each day in April 2014, except Sunday, I will write a flash story as one of my characters within six minutes where the story title (and topic) begins with a letter of the alphabet, sequentially.  The character is Nine Thyme from Kandy Fangs: Venom, and she will post a six-minute story each day on in the 9A2Z category.  I’m normally a slow writer, overthinking too much, so this should be an interesting exercise. Expect short-short stories, perhaps bad or worse.

Follow along on Twitter with @KandyFangs, on Facebook, or the feed. Read the 9A2Z series at Kandy Fangs site.

I may not strictly adhere to my mash-up exercise, and I may post a regular flash (without time restriction) for Friday Flash. Each six-minute story will be marked with the “6minute” tag.

If you’d like to learn more about the regular exercises, visit and For any blogger commenting on my post, I will of course, reciprocate as David—not Nine—although I sometimes comment as Kandy.


Challenge 2: New Utility App

Perhaps less creative, I will write a mobile app destined for Apple App Store and Windows 8 Store. This utility app should be small enough for one person to complete within a month. Extra features could be added after April, and I will not post the app until a later month after testing. You’ll have to take my word for it if I finish or not.

I’ll post progress updates on Twitter @dracotorre under #AprilApp tag, and I may share more details here in the future.