Brief review of The Mockingjay

Found over at Goodreads

A fast, fun read. There are some beautiful moments with splendid descriptions, and we get to learn more details about the past. There’s too much indecision, which didn’t seem to fit the Katniss I met in the first book, or at least too much time spent on her indecisions. This could be part of her breaking, but other characters still showed strong loyalty and behaved as if she was still the decisive person as always. The ending re-unites the beginning with a common theme told in many stories, but the journey getting there gives us a strong perspective from the within-it’s also a theme worth exploring.

I like the poetry between the song, her father’s memory, the war, her sister, and Peeta all tied together with pieces from the first two books told in beautiful segments. After the hardship of the games, the war, we’re left with a bit of hope. For me, the trilogy is about the journey, and I enjoyed taking it with Katniss.